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Our Vin65 Developer Template

$1000/per site license

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Our developer toolkit is a Vin65 template geared towards designers who want to jump start their website build.

This template is not designed to be used as is by a winery, but something that a designer/developer can use to save time and leap ahead with a pre-coded site full of useful widgets and content blocks.


The developer template homepage includes quite a few built in content blocks so that a prospective designer can keep what they want and delete what they don't need.

Easily customize the template to suit your needs. Developers are given exclusive access to uncompressed and unminified CSS and JS files to easily extend and customize.

Update the template using CSS, or alternatively develop using the provided SCSS with variables so it is easy to update and adjust everything like navigation colors, fonts, and column sizes.

  1. Optional feature photo gallery on the homepage
  2. Welcome message
  3. Promote products on the homepage via product groups
  4. Welcome content
  5. Recent blog list
  6. Content call outs
  7. Team profiles 
  8. Newsletter promotion and sign up
  9. Vineyard profile and gallery
  10. Map and location details
  11. Image with content overlay
  12. Header images or photo galleries on pages within the site
  13. A wide layout where a sub navigation is not necessary or desired
  14. Social media links
Technical Details:
  1. Responsive template: optimized to display well across all device sizes
  2. Support for all modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE 9+
  3. E-commerce best practices
  4. Includes vGrid - our responsive grid editing toolset for Vin65

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