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Roadrunner is focused on wine sellers who want to launch a single wine or feature one wine for purchase. We wanted this template to be the fastest loading template on the Vin65 Platform , and the quickest process to cart and checkout available - and we did exactly that.

Roadrunner Homepage


Roadrunner is a great Vin65 template for someone who has one wine to sell or to release. Roadrunner is also built for speed, and we brag that it is the fastest website on Vin65.

  1. Singular focus of selling one single wine via Vin65 content group
  2. Carousel to highlight accolades or press coverage
  3. Social media links
  4. Newsletter promotion and sign up
Technical Details:
  1. Responsive template: optimized to display well across all device sizes
  2. Fastest website on Vin5
  3. Support for all modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE 9+
  4. E-commerce best practices
  5. Includes vGrid - our responsive grid editing toolset for Vin65

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